Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hot Chocolate Winter Top

I find inspiration form all over. I found these holiday ornaments and thought that mug of coco would be adorable on a winter top for Sophia.


Here is the little tutorial.

You will need three different colors of felt.  One (your choice in color) for the mug, brown or tan for the hot chocolate and white for the whipped cream.
Matching thread and a sewing machine.

I found a photo online of a tea/coffee cup and cut it out to use it as a template.

Stitch on the chocolate part.

Then add the whipped topping.

On to the flower. I used my sewing machine to make the design. If yours does not embroider you can make a simple flower by hand.

I added the stitching on the bottom of the mug with just a needle and thread.

Place and pin to shirt then baste around the edges of the mug.

Your done!!


Tanya said...

Cute! How does the felt do in the wash?

Amber said...

Hey Tanya, from everything I've read online about felt it should hold up. We will find out!

Sharon said...

very cute! I am going to make one for my baby girl, thanks!

Amanda said...

This was featured today over at Today's Top Twenty! I'd love if you stopped by! :)