Sunday, May 2, 2010

Simple Car Seat Strap Covers

My little one's car seat straps have been digging into her neck and leaving red marks, so yesterday during naps I made a set of reversible covers. Sophia loved picking out the fabrics (good taste like her momma). I'm all about reusing and re- purposing, this fabric is from an old diaper tote that my mom had made for Sophia and I when she was born. So it's kinda nice to be able to make something new out of it for her.

Here is my little how to.

Measure the circumferences of your straps and add on inch. Cut fabric and batting and pin together right sides facing and the bating on the under part.

Sew three sides of the fabric together. On the forth side make sure to leave an opening so you can turn your fabric right sides out. Also remember to cut your corners, by doing so it will make your corners pointer and flatter. I made the mistake of forgetting to do that.

Oops, happens to the best of us! Seam rippers can be your best friend and a must have in any sewing kit.

Sew the opening of the fabric together using a strait stitch. Continue around all four sides to give a finished look and it give more strength to you covers. Cut the Velcro to size and pin to fabric making sure they close and over lap on the correct sides.

Try to sew as close to the edges of the Velcro as you can see. Finish the additional pieces of Velcr and your done!


Melissa Boos said...

That is totally AMAZING. I love how you made those instead of buying them! How amazingly creative you are. I don't know how you find the time!

Amber said...

Nap time is my time!

Anonymous said...

How are these reversible? Do I just not get it or do you need another piece of velcro?


Amber said...

Hi Jackie, no need for more velcro all you have to do choose which side of the cover you want to see. The velcro over laps on either side.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by cut your corners?
Im totally making these!