Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day/ USA Door Hanging Tutorial Re-post

Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day and time with family today.
In honor of this holiday, I'm re-posting my tutorial for the USA door hanging. I made this for July 4th last year. Enjoy!

What you need:

Cardboard Box
Print out of U S A at 500 font size
Patriotic Ribbon
Glue Gun
Cardboard Star
String or Floss

Start by cutting out the printed U S A and use them as a template

Trace the letters on to the cardboard and cut out.

Glue and cover the letters with the moss.

Grab the string and cut a piece about 4 in.

Stretch and glue to both side like so. This will keep the letter upright and prevent it from falling forward while hanging.

Paint your star and set aside to dry.

Grab your ribbon and cut a 24 inch strip. Glue and fold 4inchs over creating a loop on both ends.

Make a large bow and glue under loop. Then adhere the star.

Add the U and glue in to place. Then take a 8 inch piece of ribbon and create one more loop.

Slip the S through the bottom loop. Then add the A.

Your done! Hang it and enjoy!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fashionista Tee

Well the weather was pretty hot and humid for a few days here in the Chicagoland. Now it is cold and rainy again. During the nice weather I hit the kids closets trying on and sorting out articles that don't fit any longer.  I found a few basic tee's that still fit but this one has a small hole and a little stain right in the middle.

Not wanting to toss it I created a patch for it. Seeing as Sophia is a little fashionista, I thought red sunglasses would be perfect!

It was super simple and turned out great!

Here is the before and after.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Creative Garden Labels

All that gardening got my creative juices flowing. I'm in need of labels for my planters so I can remember what I planted in which box. If you have followed me for a while now you know I like to use what I already have laying around. After brain storming I grabbed my water colors, brushes, contact paper and clothes pins.

I painted a little picture of each veggies/fruit and wrote the name in black.  Note: I'm no artist but they are just fine for my garden.

Next I just cut them out and sandwiched them in between clear contact paper to protect them from the elements.

Finished product.
They turned out pretty cute. Cost $0.00! I just used what I already had.

Spring has sprung!

Hope all you momma's out there had a wonderful Mother's Day. I did. I enjoyed great food at Claim Jumpers and relaxing the day away with my family.

Now that it's finally getting warm here in the Chicagoland it's time to plant a garden. I'm doing a simple container garden this year.  Green peppers, romaine lettuce, short and sweet carrots and cucumbers. Yum! I think I may do one or two tomato plants too. I'm not a huge tomato fan but, I want to try my hand at making some fresh salsa this year.

Sophia was a great helper. She sprinkled the seeds in a nice row and helped me cover them up with soil. I love passing on the green thumb to her.  She is so proud. Can't wait to see her reaction when the seeds sprout!

Here is our mixed greens that we started by seed 2 months ago. The kids already enjoy picking and eating the lettuce.

Planting was a fun way to breakup the Monday blues.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Maxon's 2!! Little Guppy Party

The party has come and gone. Reminds me of Christmas, all that planning and it's over in a flash. It was a fun time with bright colors and guppy fun all around.

Kids table. I found these great vintage fish plates on ebay. The kids loved eating off them and the got to take them home.

I decided to go for cupcakes this year. The cake is vanilla white chocolate and I made just a simple blue butter cream frosting.  They tasted as good as they looked.

These great fish straws added a little more fun to the theme for the kids. The got to take these home as well.

Remember these great finds at Goodwill? What belongs in fish bowls?

Swedish Fish of course.

I can't forget the inspiration for the party, Goldfish crackers!

Here is the birthday boy working on his fish project with all the kids.

The fish project were a huge hit! I bought them from here.
This was the quietest time of the party. ;)

Make a wish and blow!


Happy 2nd birthday Maxon!
 Mommy, daddy and big sister Sophia love you.