Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello Kitty Birthday Centerpieces

Sophia is turning 5! Her birthday is coming up this Saturday. I have been busy with lots of planning and preparation for her special day. She has had her theme picked out for the last year, Hello Kitty.

Every trip to Target consists of having to walk by the bakery, were she proceeds to tell me each time "Mommy that's the cake I want!" Then we head to the sticker section and then to the makeup, were they have a whole section of just Hello Kitty stuff. She could spend hours just combing over Target for Hello Kitty stuff. I have no clue were she gets it? :)

Her party will be at our local gymnastics center. After the kids run and tumble for an hour they come back to the party area, which is really a blank room with tables and chairs. So it's needs of some real warming up.

Here are the centerpieces that I created for each table. I was dead set on not spending any more money (my husband thanks me for that). So I challenged myself to use items and supplies that I already on hand.

I knew I wanted to make something with Hello Kitty's face. So I did a search for coloring pages and found this one. I printed off eight (one for each side of the centerpiece). I then colored the bows and nose in the colors used on the invitations.

I sprayed each face with spray glue and then dusted them with clear rainbow glitter. After they dried I cut out each one. I used scrapbook paper folded in half and glued together for. This made for a nice stiff  background. Then I just spray glued each face onto the paper.

For the base of the centerpiece, I used a party cup turned upside down with a slit cut in the middle.

Done! Cost: NOTHING!


Carrie said...

how cute I love Hello Kitty :)

Paige said...

Oh those are cute invites and centerpieces! I am sure she will love her party!

3kjewel said...

My daughter will be turning 16 and loves Hello Kitty and wants to have it as part of her sweet 16 party. Thank you for the link to the coloring page!!! I was in dire need of a cheaper way to get more Hello Kitty and this shoud do it! So far we have Hot Pink, Black, Zebra print and Hello Kitty.... I hope she doesnt add anything more.

Susan said...

My girlie is turning 5 next month and is dying for a Hello Kitty party! I love this (nothing like free decor!) and I hope you'll post more of your HK party ideas!