Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day/ USA Door Hanging Tutorial Re-post

Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day and time with family today.
In honor of this holiday, I'm re-posting my tutorial for the USA door hanging. I made this for July 4th last year. Enjoy!

What you need:

Cardboard Box
Print out of U S A at 500 font size
Patriotic Ribbon
Glue Gun
Cardboard Star
String or Floss

Start by cutting out the printed U S A and use them as a template

Trace the letters on to the cardboard and cut out.

Glue and cover the letters with the moss.

Grab the string and cut a piece about 4 in.

Stretch and glue to both side like so. This will keep the letter upright and prevent it from falling forward while hanging.

Paint your star and set aside to dry.

Grab your ribbon and cut a 24 inch strip. Glue and fold 4inchs over creating a loop on both ends.

Make a large bow and glue under loop. Then adhere the star.

Add the U and glue in to place. Then take a 8 inch piece of ribbon and create one more loop.

Slip the S through the bottom loop. Then add the A.

Your done! Hang it and enjoy!


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Jenn said...

Wow how cute!! What a fantastic idea :-)