Friday, December 17, 2010

Our Home at the Holiday's

I love the cozy feeling of our home at Christmas. The soft glow of all the lights to the warm smells of something baking.

I like to try to change it up a little bit every year.  Are you like me, you get sick of the same tree and decorations every year? This years color pallet green, brown, ivory and metallic!

Starting with the front door. I went for a simple and natural look.

Come on in!

A few red berries.

We don't have a fireplace to hang our stocking on but, they are hung on the railing with just as much care. I still need to go and get Sophia and Maxon's stockings embroidered with their names. Mommy is a slacker!

Our tree.

Dinning Room. Just don't look in my buffet! Another thing on my list of things to do.

Sophia and I with our first gingerbread house. Ha, I just noticed my teeth are a funny color from the candy we ate while decorating.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Your home and decor are beautiful! Love your gingerbread house too! Thanks for sharing. =)