Monday, November 15, 2010

Recycled Sweater Mittens

I HATE being cold as I have a hard time warming back up. I'm one of those who would rather be hot than cold any day!

The weather here is starting to get cold and winter is right around the corner. least I can cheer myself up with new mittens! I made these from an old sweater that I already recycled into a pillow. I kept the sleeve for later projects. Mittens!

 It was really simple and fast to do. Here's my little tutorial.

Start off by tracing your hand and about two inches of you wrist. Round the upper edges to be even and match. Then cut it out.

Grab your sleeve.

With sleeve turned inside out lay your template down and pin in place.

Notice what I've done with the thumb. I cut a deeper slit down and folded the thumb in just a little.

Here is the thumb folded and pinned so you can see what I meant. Note: you will cut down into the deeper slit.

Pin sides and stitch closed.


Finished pair.


Suzie said...


Kim's Treasures said...

What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great...thanks for the tutorial!

Unknown said...

Love this idea. Now I am off to dig out some old sweaters.:-)

Dianne_momstuff said...

Love this idea. I shared it on my mom stuff interest page.

Mys@ said...

I have to try it

Sharee said...

I am all over this! I just bought a sweater at the thrift store today to make a rectangular sweater pillow for the bed. The arms would have just gone to waste. Repurposing to the max!

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