Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sophia's Mermaid Bedroom

It's done!!! Well for now.  I think a room is always evolving and changing but, for it's done.

Sophia just turned 4 yrs old and all she wanted was a "Mermaid" room. She would have loved Disney's Ariel but, I'm just not a huge fan of character theme rooms. I hit the web searching for mermaid fabric and found Heather Ross, Mendocino. She loved it and so did I! The only bad part was that it's discontinued so every time I found a yard or even a half yard I had to pay through the nose for it.

Here I use some of the fabric as art. I love how it looks!

I keep and re-used many of the items from her old room such as her name, I just changed the ribbon to match the new colors. I also kept the white bedding and large white pillows with the multi colored fringe and the black frames. Remember this post? I re-used and painted the lamp shades to match. Why buy new when you can work with what you have?

I'm in LOVE with the pillows! I made the mermaid and octopus one and found the yellow ruffled ones at Home Goods on clearance for $7.00 each.

View from the door.

I found this great mermaid wall decal on ebay. It has a lot of detail but it was hard to capture in the photo. The wall that the decal is on still needs something but, I'm not sure what. I'll leave it alone till something inspires me or you guys can suggest something.

Different view.

This cute vintage crystal lamp was a great find at a local thrift store and I again painted and re-used the shade.

The chair was another thrifting find! I have a cute little side table to go next to it but, it is in the garage getting painted white.  I made the little pillow to tie in with the pillows on the bed.

Where are her toys and books you ask? I store that stuff in the closet.

It's nice that our closets tuck back a few extra feet. Helps keep the rooms clean, clutter free and if they make a mess I can just close the closet doors. Most of the kids toys are kept down in the toy room.

So what do you think?

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Kim's Treasures said...

Her room is beautiful!!! I love the simplicity of it, yet she still has mermaids!

Tanya said...

pretty, pretty, pretty!

HoneyScrap said...

Love this! We are getting ready to move my daughter from her crib to a big bed...and of course that means a big girl room makeover! Love how classic this looks but so unique too:)

Anonymous said...

It turned out super cute! Good job!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

Precious and so not over the top with the theme. Really well done. I love the pillows.

Amnah said...

Beautiful! I totally agree about not using character themed rooms. No personality in them. I love everything you've done.

FrouFrouBritches said...

I love how Sophia's room turned out. It's beautiful! You did a fantastic job. I have always loved that fabric you made the pillows with. So cute!

Judy Bagwell said...

Love love love it. I am a huge Ariel fan, but I know what you are saying about character rooms.