Friday, July 30, 2010

Cinderella Top Tutorial

Here it is!! Finally right? The tutorial for this top . Sorry it's taken so long but it's been a crazy busy summer. 

Let's get started!! This is a very basic and simple pattern.

You will also need to cut two (2) 45" x 2" strips and (2) 45" x 3" wide strips.
 These strips will become the pleats and bias tape.

Grab your front piece and fold in half. We are going to create the "V neck." Start by cutting a  2" wide and deep V.  then make a 1/4" slit like above photo. This will create 2 flaps. Fold back and press down.

Time to crate pleats.  Grab one of your 2" strips and fold and press in half (right side facing out). If you have a pleat maker/ruffler begin to create your pleats. If you are like me I made mine by hand by folding every half inch like below.


Pin pleats to bodice and then bast using a strait stitch.


Next grab you bias tape. You can make your own or use store bought tape.  Here is a great video for making bias tape.

Sandwich and pin the edge of the front halter arms and chest. Stitch along the open edge of the bias tape, being sure to catch the underneath layer in your seam. Do this the whole length of the tape from one end to the other.

Fold the top in half  find the center of the neck strap. Cut in half. At this point you will want to use your child to measure how long your neck straps need to be and mark where the button and buttonhole need to go.

Notice in below photo one side is longer than the other. This is because the buttonhole needs to over lap the button.
Here is a tutorial for a buttonhole if you need one.

Tuck in and finish the edges. Set the front aside.

Now grab your back halter fabric (the plain rectangle) and fold down one of the long edges 1/4″ and press. Fold again approximately 1″ and press. Then sew along your fold to create your elastic casing.

Next, cut a piece of elastic that will fit your child. You can measure across her back from armpit to armpit to get an idea. Ours was approximately 9". Sophia is on the small side for 3 1/2 :)

Anchor one end of your elastic with a straight pin at one end of your casing. Attach a safety pin to the other end of your elastic and use the safety pin to feed the elastic through the casing.

Half way done!
Now pin the front and back pieces together (right sides facing together) and do a running stitch down each side leaving a 1/2" seam.

Then do a zig-zag stitch down each side to finish edges.

On to the hem.
With your garment inside out  fold up 1/4" and press and  then a 1/2" fold and press. Pin pleating to hem and  using a strait stitch bast pleats to the hem line.



Jennifer said...

I love it! What size is your daughter, so I can get an idea of if I need to adjust the measurements for my girls?

Amber said...

Thanks Jennifer! Sophia is a size 3I tend to like tops a little longer so I alway add a little more length.

Jennifer said...

I thought you might like to see the top I made from your tutorial =)

My daughter loves it. Thanks for the tutorial!