Sunday, June 13, 2010

Keeping Recycling Cute

 Ever since we moved I have not been able to find my recycling bag holder. This is what I have been living with for 2 1/2 months now. Not really my style. 

Here is what I whipped up with some remnant fabric that I've been stashing away. So much better!

So here is a question for you:
 What and how do you find ways to reuse and recycle your plastic bags?


Anonymous said...

I use what you were using. It isn't pretty but it works.


J. Jacobson Photography said...

I save my plastic store bags for trash can liners and for carrying wet clothes from the neighborhood pool. Also, in the kitchen I use our old infant wash cloths to wipe off my toddler's and preschooler's faces after meals. It's softer than my other wash cloths and much greener than the paper towels we used to use.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I keep mine in a picnic basket that is far too pretty and impractical to actually use on a picnic. And I use them daily- several actually- as dog poop bags. It ain't purdy but it's important! Ha! I tie a few to the leash handle and away we go three times a day. Actually, I usually bring my fabric bags to the grocery store so I steal - yes I said steal! - a big bag of bags out of the bag recycle bins at Walmart. I read that most companies don't actually recycle bags from bins due to the high cost of recycling something so light. So I figure I am ultimately saving them from landfills. Or that's how I justify my criminal act anyway!

CraftyMommy said...

i acutally used alot of my plastic bags stuffing things with them. for example i used them to stuff a duct tape body form i made a while back, and also made a doggie bed stuffed with plastic bags. it doesnt smell as bad as regular doggie beds kuz it doesnt have stuffing on the inside that holds moisture and stink...and other usual uses ( trash bags, dirty diaper bags, etc)