Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Crib and the Culprit

Just in case you missed it, here is the post I did for my feature yesterday at Be Different Act Normal:

This project was inspired by my dear son Maxon, who one day decided that his crib tasted good.  So sad seeing as you spend  BIG $$$ on their furniture and then they start teething and chew it up. (Sigh) No one ever warned me of this issue!  :)
Here is my crib and the culprit.

Here is the protective cover that I made and the tutorial. Enjoy!
What you will need:
2 yards of fabric (I used Minky Dot for it softness and look)
Quilting Batting (this adds padding and extra protection for your little one)
2 yards White Cotton fabric (Back side of protector)
White Velcro

Start by measuring the length of side bars and circumference.

Then the length of the front and circumference. 

Here is the pattern I came up with.

After your fabric and batting are cut make sure they are layered in the right order before pinning. Here is the correct order. Minky (wrong side facing),  white cotton, and then batting (bottom). The following steps are the same for all three pieces.

Cut your Velcro in to 4" strips. For the sides you will need three and for the front you will need five. Peel each pair of Velcro apart and place on top like so.

You will tuck each piece in the middle of the minky and cotton. Pin in to place. I placed mine starting in the center and then the ends about 1" from the sides.

Make sure one side of the Velcro is facing up and one side down. If you enlarge the photo you will see I have the soft side up and the rough side down. This ensures that the straps are facing the right direction to work.

Time to sew!

Sew along all four sides leaving a 1/8 seam. Make sure to leave an opening  about 4" so that you can turn your protector right side out.
 Like this:

Trim your corners.

This is what you should have after turning right side out.

Fold, tuck in, and pin opening.

Next sew the opening closed and keep going along the edges crating the finished look.

Almost Done! Time to test your measurements....A perfect fit! Trim off the extra Velcro and enjoy your handy work! Or you can blog about it like I did.

All complete.

Culprit but still the apple of my eye.


Diane said...

Great idea and thanks so much for the tutortial. I am going to tell my daughter about this idea for my new grandbaby's crib.

Tamara said...

I should have had you made mine - I had to order ones like these online b/c he found out how to rip off the adhesive ones. They aren't cheap either!

Jenn Harrist said...

Thanks for putting this up! I made some for my son tonight. Not near as neat and pretty (I have not used a sewing machine in about 5 years) it is functional. Thanks!