Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Digs

So, we have moved and are starting to get settled in to the new house. It's a clean slate and when I say clean slate, I mean clean slate! White walls, doors, trim and tan carpet. BLAH! On the bright side it opens the door for me to stamp my style on everything. Sweet!

Enjoying all the beautiful blooming trees and shrubs in the yard.

Kitchen and stairwell/hall to living room and upstairs. To the Left of the stairs is the dinning room.

Family room and Basement play room/office. I know these are really bad photo's. They are from the MLS Listing but they show the house empty. To the left of the family room is really nice oak railing and the stairs to the front door and basement.

Don't laugh, this is one of my new favorite rooms. I've never had a "laundry room!" The photo to the right is the master bath, again bad pics. but it's a really nice bath. To the left is a LARGE soaking that all four of us fit in and to the right is a great glass surround shower.

I've already started to pick out paint and decorate, so those will be some of my new post to come!

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Seamingly Smitten said...

Good paint color! I love white platters! I saw in Ballards Design the other day a kitchen wall done with a painting in the middle and white platters/plates on either sides. Reminds me of that look. I love your blog!